Notification can be configured for various actions and events across the platform.  

The categories for notifications are as follows:

  • Email - these are notifications that are sent out as an email to the user. 
  • In App - Whenever there has been activity where In-App notifications are enabled you will see these notifications highlighted on the bell
  • Push - notifications appear on the mobile or web browser.
  • SMS - notifications are sent to mobile phones over text message SMS.

The In App notifications center is where all of your read and unread notifications are stored. Select the notification to easily be redirected the information that it relates to.

To mark a notification as read select   which will reduce/remove the red dot on the notifications bell.

Notification Settings

Notification Settings provides you a way to configure the default level of notifications received for various actions and events across the StaffCircle platform.

Individual events can be enabled and disabled by using the toggle switch by each event.

To see and edit the information sent on these notifications go to Templates