From the detail of the review complete a review select , then

All open objectives and any attached appraisals will pull through to the Review Sign off view page. 

 To view the details of the objective and/or appraisal press

Note: Progress against the objective unless connected to an automated feed should be updated by the individual in their personal objective view or by an admin in the objective view by pressing


For each appraisal question select a score and complete the notes. 

The score is shown in the appraisal header bar. 

If a description of the score has been added in the setup of the appraisal template press  to see it.


Objectives can either be marked as:

For when the objective needs to be closed. A closed objective can no longer be edited or updated. A reason for Completion can be selected. This may include:

  • Complete Objective - Closed
  • Incomplete Objective - Closed 
  • Objective No Longer Relevant - Closed

Completing an objective means that the score will be added to the overall review score. This can be overridden if necessary. 

For when the objective either is not due yet or when you would like to extend the time period for the objective to be completed. The objective will remain open and appear in the next scheduled review. 

An extended objective will not be included in the overall review score.

For when an objective is not applicable to this review  and should be excluded from a review but remain open.

An excluded objective will not be included in the overall review score. 


The score will be calculated based on the results of the appraisal and objectives that have been included. 

The score will automatically be calculated based onteh results and weightings set int h Rating section. To override this use the slider.

To view the calculation applied to the score press

Notes can be added to the comments box

To complete the sign off process press  

Once completed changes will no longer be able to be made to a signed off review.