Company Details contain the basic information about your organisation including the name of the Company, the billing address and the telephone number as well as a primary billing address.

This is usually set at deployment and it's unlikely that it will need to be updated often. 

Tenant name: the tenant name is a shortened name given to your organisation used for referencing inside the Staffcircle plaform. For example if your company name was "ABC Engineering Ltd" you may want the tenant name to be "abc" so your StaffCircle portal address becomes ""

Tag: This tag is used for referencing your organisation from another orgnisation using StaffCircle. This makes is possible for intra-company communications should you wish it and is useful for Group Companies with multiple sister companies wanting to communicate.

Primary Contact

The Primary Contact is the first user of the StaffCircle system and is assigned Administrative Privileges in order to create and assign other managers and administrators permissions on the system. If the primary contact is not available, there is a secondary contact who is assigned the same privileges. 

Secondary Contact

The Secondary Contact is a backup person for the primary contact and has the same administrative privileges. Both the Primary and Secondary contact are able to create users, groups and assign them rights on the system, including the ability to create other administrators. 


This is where you add all the external web resources for the organisation such as the Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This information can be displayed to employees and also the StaffCircle platform will index and analyse this information in order to assist in content creation.