Sign off

When in the detailed view of a Reward press  then

From here you will be able to view the scores achieved on the relevant Reward Groups and how that calculates in to a reward sum based on the Amount available and People applicable of the reward. 

If enabled you may have the opportunity to free type the Signed Off amount and therefor adjust the approved amount. If Performance has not hit the criteria you can choose to Reject using the toggle 

Add any notes that you would like to include and press


Once a Reward has been signed off if it requires approval it will stay in the status of signed off until approved. 

The approver simply needs to open the detail of the reward to be approved press   then

You will open up the view tow be able to see the signed off amount vs the available amount. From here free type the approval amount. This enables you to alter the amount approved if necessary. Or reject the reward.

Add applicable notes and then