We want the experience of all of our users to be effortless. Which is why where possible we replicate functionality across the platform. Once you know how to work one module you will pick up the others intuitively. 

Of course if you do get stuck we are always the here to help, contact us

The view of the system does vary dependent on Security Group, how many of the following you see will  rely on you access. 

Wherever you see this  you can free type what you are searching for. 

Need a little bit of help press  to open up the Knowledge Base.

See something you like or want to comment on, hit  to let the article owner know. 

Filter your Article feed by selecting your Teams, Sites or Departments.

To reset any filters you have set press

Some of the pages hold quite a lot of info, to make the view nicer for you we hide some of this, to expand the view simply press

Adding to the system can be done when you see  or

Some modules have the ability to export data you will see  when this is the case. If they have the ability to import you will see

Lists filter out some information, perhaps de-activated users etc,  press to toggle them back in to the view. 

To edit information press  or need to delete pop it in the bin

 is the sign for sensitive data. You need an access code to get in here. 

 will open a menu box, often including the  and  functions and also Sign Off and Reset Password

 when pressed will send activation codes to users via SMS or Email. 

 Views, likes and comments will be displayed next to their icon, great to be able to see what content is creating the most engagement.

If you need to see notifications look for the bell

 will send you back to the previous screen

The most important button of all, make sure you press to keep all of the changes that you make. 

Where you see  there will be a drop down of information you can choose to select.

Sentiment will be accessible from any page in the Menu Bar, don't forget to use it to let us know how you are feeling  

Help is never far away, See a pulsating dot for new helptips. We have some permanent helpers hanging around too. Press  to get some specific help for the page you are on.

We are constantly Building, Updating, and Refreshing new features and functionality, from time to time you may come across this exciting notice to let you know new stuff is on its way.              

We hope this has been useful to get you started on the common functionality on the system. Hints & Tips and video content is always being added to our knowledge base to help you get the most from our system.