When you have been set up on the system by an administrator they will send you an Activation link. This will be via text or email. Follow the link and instructions to validate your account and set your password. 

Our platform is a Progressive Web Application. This means it initially opens and loads like other regular websites in the browser but can be saved to the home screen like a regular app. 

Using a PWA has benefits over a traditional app as you don't have to visit a store to download an app and storage on the device is extremely low. It also has benefits over a traditional browser as there is offline viewing and push notifications. 

Make sure you save the PWA to your home screen. To do this on IOS press  at bottom of the browser and follow the steps. On Android tap the menu button when in the browser and the press'Add to Home Screen'

If you receive your activation link via text your Username will be your mobile Number. If however you receive the activation link via email your Username will be your email address