Our communications module provides you with a way to create open, structured, 2 way communications with your employee base and potentially beyond. 

Users can be set up on the platform with an email or mobile number.

This means, employees that don't have a computer or access to email are no longer kept out of the loop with updates, news, alerts and notifications. 

Employees can get access to your content through mobile easily and engage with it in a intuitive way. 

Communication can be sent in the form of Articles or Alerts. Both of which are customisable and allow you to choose to send notifications to by SMS, Email, InApp and Push. 


Functionality available on Articles for a Communications administrator to utilise to create engaging content is:

  • Personalisation - Select Audiences by Individuals, Team, Department, and or location
  • Notifications - choose to notify users of new content by InApp, Push, SMS and/or Email
  • Priority - Critical, Highlight, Important or Information
  • Pinned Article - Need for the article to stay at the top of the feed, pin it for up to 24 hours
  • Content Format - Alter Font, Include headings, add Images, embed video and attach documents. 
  • Interaction Level - Choose to activate likes, comment, add photos to comments to encourage engagement.
  • Schedule - Apply a date and time in the future that you want the article to be published. 
  • Publish As - Publish the article on behalf of someone else in the organisation
  • Task - Attach a task for the recipients to complete on from reading the article. 
  • Attachment - Upload a document for the users to view/download as part of the article


Alerts are designed to send short important info quickly. Any message under 500 characters can be sent via an alert. 

The great thing about alerts are that the SMS notification include the whole summary. Meaning action can be taken quickly.

Users can also respond to alerts via SMS to confirm receipt or to communicate a response.

NB. Notifications of the alert can be directed however the actual Alert will display on all users Communications feed.

Use Cases

Common Articles created and published on the platform

  • Company Updates
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Birthdays/Weddings/Births
  • Product/Service Updates
  • Department/Site Information
  • Charity Activities
  • Benefits
  • Seasonal Advice
  • Policy/Process Updates
  • Employee Success Stories
  • Specialisation Blogs
  • IT Hints & Tips
  • Customer Feedback
  • Process Reminders
  • Policy Acceptance
  • Data Collection

Common Alerts created and Published on the platform

  • Fire Alarm Tests
  • Site Closures
  • H&S Warnings
  • Facility Issues 
  • Traffic Warnings
  • Deadlines Pending