Our objectives and reviews module provides you with a way to effectively manage and enhance  employee productivity. 

Setting clear objectives is important to:

  • Create clarity over the direction of your organisation, departments and individuals, ensures everyone is pulling in the same direction. 
  • Provide visibility of objectives easily on mobile devices, tablets and PC ensures employees are always aware of what is expected of them. 
  • Allow progress changes and comments ensures that manger and employee alike can see performance is in relation to the objective and intervene if needed.

Employee view of objectives and updating progress/comments looks like this:

Open objectives pull through to future reviews Upcoming reviews are just as easily viewed and commented on for the employee:

Objectives Functionality for Managers

  1. Allocate an objective to either a person, department or to the whole company. 
  2. Categorise the objectives as either:
    1. Performance objective – where there is a objective result that is normally number, score or % 
    2. Development Objective – Simply Yes or No, the objective is either met or not. 
    3. Cultural Objective  - for objectives that have an opinion based rating result.
  3. Add relevant documents to the objective from the system database. 
  4. Add a rating, this then links in to scoring of the objective and if necessary and the calculation of a rewards.
  5. Set a target which then allows the opportunity for progress to be recorded. 
  6. Integrations can be accommodated to update progress from other sources. 
  7. Customise your settings per objective to allow Progress Changes to be included, like, comments, images in comments and/or documents. 
  8. Set how the person assigned to the objective receives notifications regarding the objective. choose from, InApp, Push, SMS and Email.

Reviews Functionality

Reviews are important to give time to discuss objectives whether they are Culture, Performance or Development related. Reviews can be simply a record of a regular 1:1, objective progress, or to sign off completed objectives. 

  1. All open objectives pull through to a review. For you to choose to:
    1. Complete to close and objective and allow no further progress changes
    2. Extend, to keep a overdue objective open but allow more time to complete
    3. Exclude, to keep an objective open and not include in this review
  2. Set a Date for the review which can be reoccurring
    1. Re-occurrence is defaulted to the system as Weekly , Monthly, Quarterly or One Off. However these intervals can be customised and added to. 
  3. Include Appraisal from the Appraisal Templates. This will provide you with a predefined list of questions and scores to be able to choose from in order to evaluate the employee.
  4. Documents that are loaded on to the system can be added if required.  
  5. Set how the person assigned to the review receives notifications regarding the objective. choose from, InApp, Push, SMS and Email.

Use Case

The Flexibility available on Objectives and Reviews means that no matter how you manage performance the platform will have a way to accommodate it. 

The great benefit of using StaffCircle for Objectives & Reviews  is making this information readily available for employees whether desk based or not. Not more searching for files or paperwork. Simply open the app, see what is expected, update progress and have clarity on performance.