Showing your employees that you notice and appreciate their efforts helps employees feel good about the work that they are doing. Keeping morale high is great for retention. 

Our rewards and awards module provides you with a way to effectively recognise and reward your employees in a financial or non financial way. 

Reward Functionality

Rewards are our financial recognition capability.

Rewards can:

  • Be set against a specific timeline
  • Have a budgeted amount allocated
  • Be assigned against and individual or multiple people
  • Be calculated from 5 Reward Groups
    • Tenure
    • Salary
    • Review score
    • Award Points
    • Misdemeanours
  • Reward groups have editable scores that calculate the reward based on the results of each reward group. 
  • Can be adjusted manually before sign off
  • Have an approval mechanism

Employees without the Admin View do not see Rewards until they have been signed off. Once signed off the reward is available in the individuals profile. Making it transparent about what they have been given and what for. 

Award Functionality 

Awards are for all types of recognition that are non financial. Although Awards can have points allocated to them which in turn can impact a Reward if required. 

  • Awards are grouped by Award Types that are completely customisable. For instance you may have an Award Type called Culture and then create a separate Award for each of your Values under this Award Type.  
  • Icons are easily added to make the type of Award recognisable across your organisation. 
  • Awards and award points accumulate on the individuals profile. 
  • Awards can be assign by people permitted to the administration view of Awards in the a security group or can be designated to allow everyone in your organisation to assign. 

Make it public...

There is the option to tell the recipient or multiple people about the Award that has been given by adding an Award Article. 

An Award Article is a small highlight in the communications feed showing:

  • Person Awarded
  • What the award was
  • The icon of the Award Type
  • Who made the award and any comments included

Once the audience is selected and the article is sent and recipients will be able to like the Award Article.

Commissions Plan Functionality 

Commission Plans like Rewards are financial but commission is different as it links performance of specified objectives to a OTE (on Target Earnings) amount. 

Commission Rates gives you the flexibility to manage how much OTE is achieved based on the objective performance. 

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