Our People & Teams module is the heartbeat of the platform. It is the area where new users are set up and activated. Allowing for users to be part of a platform that is designed to engage, inform and provide tools to be effective in their roles. 

Users can be set up on the platform with an email or mobile number.

This means, employees that don't have a computer or access to email are no longer kept out of the loop with updates, news, alerts and notifications. 

Employees can get access to your content through mobile devices easily and engage with it in a intuitive way. 

People Directory

The People section allows users to find individuals across the organisation by searching on their name (first name or surname), role, department or even by searching for skills.

Information returned in this view is minimal and based on the important information as part of employment, to know where colleagues are based, departments they are in, birthday and skill set. 

Search and Edit Users

Within the Administration area there is a more comprehensive directory of all of the users in the system. To find an individual you can filter by Name, Skill, Team, Department and/or Role. 

Functionality within this area:

  • View User Details
    • Personal Information
    • Contact Information
    • Company Information
    • Sensitive Information (subject to two-step verification)
  • Add new users
  • Activate and De-activate users
  • View and Edit Roles, Teams and Department
  • View and Add Achievements
  • View and Add Awards
  • Reset Passwords
  • View and Add Skills
  • View and Add Personal Documents
  • View and Add Misdemeanours
  • View personal Objectives & Reviews
  • View approved historical Rewards 
  • See the personal activity through the Timeline log


Teams can be utilised for cross functional collaboration. Great for connecting members of Project Teams and allowing for targeted communication to be distributed.

Teams can be assigned an @alias. Not only that but they can either be  permanent or only last for a specified period of time.

Teams have no hierarchy and can span across departments.


Roles can be created for each type which exists in the organisation.

Roles can be assigned an @alias

Skills can be added to each role and then the skills can be matched against the person assigned that role. This allows HR and Managers to spot any skills shortages or indeed if a person has excessive skills for this particular role.


Keeping track of skills within your organisation is important in order to be efficient in seeing where skills are, where skill gaps are and ensuring that projects can be resourced by the most suited employees and gaps can be identified to influence future training programs.

You can view, add and edit all of the skills that are important in your organisation within the People & Teams Module. Skills can be added to a users Profile and aggregated in the Team view. 

Looking for a particular skill set? No problem, users can be searched based on the skills that they hold. 

Still struggling? Create a Support Ticket and we will get in touch.