All of your various departments (and sub-departments) within your organisation can be added to the platform. 

The two main benefits of which is:

  1. Users can be found by department 
  2. Information can be target to users within a department by utilising the @Alias

Departments have a hierarchy with a department manager as leader.

Departments can optionally have sub departments and also can have their own logos / crests and aliases (eg: @finance) which allow the department to be referenced
throughout the system.

Users are added to each department and this allows the system to understand the organisational structure. which ties in to the

Press  to add a new department to which then users can be added to when adding a new user.

To add a Logo watch this short video:

Need to edit? Press  from the list view or from the detail view for options.

Please note, departments are not the same as "Teams" which can span across departmental units.