Connecting users digitally, improving their workflows and providing transparent progress is the objective behind Task & Worksheets. 


A task is an action that is assigned to a User or a Task Group that needs to be completed.

Tasks are split in to Task Groups. These Task Groups are needed for two things:

  1. Group users that can be assigned particular tasks under that header. This task group will then appear in the users Menu Bar. 
  2. Specific worksheets can be allocated to a Task Group for them to be assigned to a user (or the whole group for one user to pick up) or be completed on an adhoc basis. 

Priority - Tasks can be assigned a priority allowing for a user to easily see and sort based on this.

Recurring Tasks - Tasks can be set to recur if needed on a regular basis. Intervals for recurrence are flexible. A recurring task will only be created once the current task is completed.


Users are notified when:

  1. A new task is assigned to them
  2. When a task is overdue
  3. When comments are made on the task

Recipients/Task Managers are notified when: 

  1. A completed worksheet has been received
  2. When a task is overdue
  3. When comments are made on the task


A worksheet is a template that is assigned as a part of a task for the user to complete. 

Your current paper based worksheets can be built in a straightforward way using drag and drop fields. 

Fields available:

Calculations can be added in to a worksheet. These can either be shown or hidden from the worksheet view. Calculations can be selected from:

  • Running Total - a sum of all of the fields that are selected.
  • Percentage - calculating the percentage of one field/value against another
  • Average - Summing the selections and dividing by the number of fields selected
  • Custom - Here you can select a starting and ending field or value and then choose to + - / * %. Fields that can be selected for a custom calculation are either numbers or Single Select Lists that have a value allocated to the selection.

Mandatory Fields - For when a field must be completed in order to complete the worksheet. 

At least on field per worksheet needs to be made mandatory in order to save and complete

Adhoc - Worksheets can be made adhoc, allowing for Task Group member to create and complete a worksheet without being assigned a task.

Digital sign off - User can be requested to leave a signature as part of worksheet completion. 

Download data - download the results of a worksheet in to a PDF or CSV file.