If you have been allocated to be part of a Task Group the groups that you are part of will appear in your Menu Bar. 

Any tasks that have been allocated to you will appear in these Task Groups. 

Within a Task Group your tasks will be split in to three categories

  1. To Do - When you have been allocated a task but have not yet added any information to the Worksheet that requires completing. 
  2. In Progress - When you have saved data on to a Worksheet but have not yet completed it. A worksheet in this view can be edited. 
  3. Completed - When the data have been added tot eh worksheet and it has been saved and completed. The worksheet on this task can no longer be edited.

Select the relevant Task that you would like to view

The Worksheet will open to allow for you to edit if in 'To Do' or 'In Progress' or to view if in 'completed' 

To find out how to complete a worksheet follow these instructions

To create an ad-hoc task follow these instructions

Still struggling? Create a Support Ticket and we will get in touch.