A folder within Documents & Folders has the ability to receive a documents via email. Making it easy to save documents to the platform folders automatically. 

To find or set an email address for a folder go to the 3 dots at the end of the folder

  press  and then the folder details will appear:

If there are no 3 dots like on the Sales Folder go in to the folder and press the 3 dots. Here you will be able to add a folder and set up the email address as part of the set up.

When sending an email to the folder, just attach the document and hit send, no text or subject is required. Please be aware that documents can only be sent to the folder by email addresses that are attached to StaffCircle user accounts.

If a folder is a System Folder (this means that it has been created by the system as part of a profile, team, department or site) it is not editable therefore can not have an email address added to it.