We have a number of areas in the platform where images may be used. Here are a few hints on how to get the best out of your images. 


In order to not crop your images the aspect ratio will be consistent to the image that you upload. Landscape work well as to not take up too much of the screen but all images will display. 

Profile Pictures

Don't worry too much about size for profile pictures. It is easy to resize the display area by grabbing and dragging the corners of the display area. 


We use two different logo variations in the platform a square favicon type logo and a horizontal rectangular logo. This is so that we have the flexibility to utilise your branding across more areas of the platform. On the site the minimum aspect ratios are given. 

Logo dimensions: The square logo needs to be a minimum of 128px by 128px. The rectangular logo needs to be a minimum of 320px by 96px.

Logo file sizes: The logos should be under 100KB each in size to ensure the load up quickly on client devices.