Here you can view the details of a Commission Plan and allocate Objectives that the User can earn commission for.  

To add an objective simply go to the 'Objectives' section and press the following box will appear. 

Select the relevant Objective, enter On Target Earnings amount and select the Commission Rate. You can add multiple Objectives to a Commission Plan. 

Straightaway, if performance against the objectives is available and hits the minimum performance rate in the Commission Rate applied the Commission Plan will show progress.  

Please note as soon as a Commission Plan is added the User will be able to view it in their profile. 


At any point the Manager or User can add comments to their plan using the comments box. Notifications will be sent out if set to. 

Sign Off Commission Plan

Press then

A window will open and summarise the performance of the objectives and what they equate to in terms of achieved earnings. 

There is a slider and free type box where if needed you can alter the amount to be signed off. 

Add comments to the plan where required and choose or