Need a new Policy to be signed? Confirmation that a training video has been watched and understood? A collection of data?

Utilise the ability to attach a  Worksheet to an Article and set the task to complete for all recipients.  

Worksheets are completely configurable using a number of different fields. 

'Display As' and Tasks

 A task can be sent to all recipients of an article if the 'Display As' drop down in settings is set to Task.

When this is selected 3 additional Boxes will appear in the Add Article view :

Task Group - This will determine the Task Group that the Task should be grouped under and appear in the User Menu. - More information on Task Groups can be found here. 

Worksheet - This will determine which Worksheet needs to be completed by the recipients of the article. Worksheets are configurable in the Worksheet Builder

Default Approver - This will determine the person that should be notified when the tasks are complete.

Once published the recipients, whether that be everyone or a group, will receive a notification of the new article and the new task assigned to them. 

As an administrator you will be able to see the status of those tasks in the Administration view of Task & Worksheets along with a snapshot in the Article Summary: