Requesting an absence is straightforward. From your own Holidays or Absence tab in your time off menu press

A new box will open for you to complete. This will include:

  1.  Absence Type selection menu. Dependant on the absence type you make be asked to select a sub type. 
  2. Date Picker - Use the first click to select the starting date and a second click to determine the end date. 
  3. Note box - Use this to add notes and context to your request. 

The system will automatically calculate the days to deduct from your entitlement based on your working pattern. Should you be on an hours entitlement, first select the dates and then enter the amount of hours in the box provided. 

Once happy with your request press  this submission will then follow an approval process set by your organisation.

You will be able to see all requests the status of them in your list view.