Absence Types are found within the Settings tab of Holidays and Absence. 

This is the area where you will set up different Absence Types based on how you would like to categorise the data. 

Press  to create a new absence type. Give it a name and Description and then decide if:

  • The absence type is Paid or not. This will display in the export in order to help report absences in the correct way to payroll. 
  • If the absence type is the Default Holiday. Only one can be selected as this and will be used as the absence type that deducts from allowance
  • If the absence type is authorised. This will mean that unless authorised in the absence policy users will not be able to self serve on these absence types and only people with access to the admin area will be able to record those types of absence. 

Add an image to make the type of absence easily recognisable

A task can be added to be automatically triggered on the back of a specific absence being requested. For example you may want a user to complete a return to work form following on from sickness absence. To do this add the Task Group, Worksheet and Default Approver. Follow this link to read more about Tasks & Worksheets module. 

Detailed View

Once an absence type is created press on to it from the list view to to open up the details. From here press to add sub-types. Sub-types can be used in order to further breakdown Sickness or appointment types.