Working Patterns are important so that the platform can understand working days for the users. This means that the platform can handle deducting correctly from the users entitlement.

Press to create a new working pattern. Give it a name and description. Choose a date when that particular pattern starts. Set how many cycles should be included in the pattern before it should start at the beginning.

Using hours? Toggle on  and state the average hours per day will be in the pattern.

Once the outer structure is created press on the line item to open the detailed view. 

Here you can add the particular cycled days within the work pattern. 

Press select the Starting Day or the week, next the number or days in the pattern and the number of working days.

Check the calendar view below to ensure the working pattern is accurate. 


Monday - Friday 

Rolling 4 Days on 4 Days off

3 Days split week. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday