Absence Policies are there for you to be able to create structure or how and what users can request. The platform is flexible so that you are able to use one or mulotiple absence policies, whichever is suitable for your business. 

Press to create a new policy. Give it a title and description and then set the Settings.

  • Default should be toggled on if the policy you are creating should be applied to all new users to the system. 
  • Approval Required should be toggled on if the request made by user with the policy need their request to go through an approval process
  • Allow Un-Authorised should be toggled on if you would like all users to book Absence Types that are set as Un-Authorised. 
  • Use Hours needs to be toggled on if the policy entitlement should be set in hours instead of days.
  • Number Of Days/Hours this is the standard entitlement that the user will be able to use for their holiday bookings. 
  • Maximum Number of Consecutive Days/Hours is used to determine what the maximum duration a user can request. 

  • If there is a standard Working Pattern and Company Holiday that should be applied with the Absence Policy select them here.
  • If it is the users manager that should approve toggle on Manager Approval otherwise select a default approver and if required additional from the people list.

Once the main setting are enabled press on to the particular Absence Policy to open the details. 

Here you can specify and restricted periods for absence booking. Press enter the period to and from and then set the maximum days/hours that can be booked in that period. Enter 0 if no holidays can be booked.