In order to create and send a Survey the first this today is create a Survey Type. Think of a Survey Type as a template where you can define the question that you would like to ask along with the settings such as the level of anonymity you would like to set. 

The same Survey Type can then be added to multiple different surveys to ensure that you get consistent settings when asking for feedback throughout the year.

From the Administration menu enter the Communications module, go to the Settings tab and then to Survey Types. Press from here give the Survey type a name and description so that it is easily identifiable. Then add the question, description and value.

The first version of our Surveys is  eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) this is where you can ask one very specific question that has a specific scoring template of 0-10

Within the settings you can then set if you would like the respondent to give additional feedback and how you would like the data to be displayed. 

A survey type can be set to display the data in one of five ways

Person  - Data will be split by Person, Role, Department, Site

Role  - Data will be split by Role, Department, Site

Department  - Data will be split by Department, Site

Site  - Data will be split by Site

Anonymous - Data will wont be split out. 

Once you are happy with your setting press

The next step will be to create a Survey to distribute