If a Survey Type is the template the Survey is the container that collects responses for a set period of. time.

This area will hold the Survey title, description, date effective to and once distributed through an article will display the responses. 

When you want to add a new Survey press give the Survey at title, description select the Survey Type and state when the survey should be active until.

The effective to date will dictate which surveys are available to distribute, once the date is passed and the survey is expired you will no longer be able to distribute and therefore collect responses. 

Once happy press save. From here the final step is to distribute the survey to your respondents. To do this create an article in Communications and follow this

Once a Survey has been distributed the responses will collate on the Survey itself. In the particular Survey scroll down to see the break down of responses based on 'Report Results By' set in the Survey Type

To see how one eNPS stacks up against previous eNPS surveys go to the Dashboard