eNPS or employee Net Promoter Score is a simple way to be able to monitor a trend of how your employees feel about your business. 

A eNPS survey is one question usually worded something like 'On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend [company name] to you friends and family?' 

Respondents will get the option to select the score and add textual context should they wish. 

Recipients are then categorised in to 3 Types based on their scores:

Score 9-10: Promoters – loyal, enthusiastic brand champions
Score 7-8: Passives – satisfied people who may (or may not) be loyal
Score 0-6: Detractors – the opposite of Promoters

Once separated into these groups a eNPS score is calculated: (% of Promoters) – (% of Detractors) = employee Net Promoter Score.

Example If you survey 100 customers, and the result is made up of 70 promoters, 10 passives, and 20 detractors, your eNPS would be 50

Note that the final score never uses percentages, only whole numbers.

By sending this simple question out regularly you will be able to note trends of how employees are feeling in your business and gain insight in to why this may be. 

eNPS is the first release to the Surveys module. Over time more Survey Types will be added to the module to increase the functionality of the platform to positively impact our customers ability to drive a feedback culture and engagement.