Objectives can be created to be either:

  • Personal - Allocated to an individual
  • Department - Allocated to a specific Department
  • Company - Allocated to the whole business. 

Personal objectives can be linked to a Department objectives which in turn can be linked to a Company Objective. This helps the user see how they impact their wider team and the company with their efforts. 

Department objectives can be scored from the personal objectives that are linked in to it if the scoring types are the same. Company objectives can in turn be score from the department objectives that are linked to it. 

When connected and the scores are the same it is easy to see progress and navigate between linked objectives in the detailed view.

The summary will show if the total related targets equate to the same as the target set on the objective. Along with the progress from each of the related objectives. 

Related objectives will also be displayed with any relevant progress. 

Click on them to navigate to the detailed objective. 

Tips for creating connections

  1. Create Company objectives first, followed by department and link them to the company objectives. Finally create the Personal Objectives and link them to the relevant Department Objective. 
  2. Child objectives can update the parent objectives if the same scoring type is selected for each objective. 
  3. If an objective is linked and you want the parent objectives progress to be updated from child then ensure that only the child has 'manual progress updates' toggled on in the settings
  4. When connecting objectives that you would like to update the parent from the child, first create the connection then update the progress. If the progress on the child objective is added prior to the connection to the parent objectives that progress will not be added.