We deliver these releases to improve your experience of the functionality and features of StaffCircle. 

Release updates provide you a brief, high level description of new and updated features.  

The highlights for v1.0.13 are:

Additional Functionality 

Employee Net Promoter Score or eNPS has arrived! This is the start of our Survey module and means that you are able to ask 'On a scale of 1 -10 how likely are you to recommend [your company name] to your family and friends?' directly to your employees through the communications feed. 

With this you will be able to get real time feedback on how your employees are feeling and see the results in the new eNPS Dashboard

Want to learn more and set up training on this get in touch at support@staffcircle.com or have a look at this article. 

Our other large improvement is on our Appraisal Templates.  Prior to the release appraisal templates could be built to capture only scored questions as part of a Review. We have reworked this area to include text based questions too.

Need help moving your paper forms in to a digital template email us at support@staffcircle.com 

Minor Improvements

Have a large team and want to save admin time? Now you are able to clone an objective. Press to create and exact copy, change the relevant details and save.

If you have KPI's that repeat regularly you are able to schedule when you would like the objective to recur. When creating an objective, alter the settings to dictate if and when and objective should recur.

We listen to feedback and some of our customers have been asking for more functionality in the Person Profile. We have created add buttons that look like this to the Objectives and Reviews areas so that a manager can add Objectives and reviews from the user profile. This has also been added to your user menu in order for you to self serve your objectives

Other feedback that we have taken on board is the Article Images. These now have consistent aspect ratios across different devices meaning that your whole image will appear in the feed. 

You will notice with this release that the design has altered a little. The landscape logo from the Branding module is now used in the Menu bar, making your branded platform look even more personal. 

Finally if you store sensitive information on the user profiles we wanted to let you know if has moved home from Information down to its own tab called Payroll. 

Our developers never stop improving the platform. This is not an exhaustive list, just the highlights. If you would like to learn more about the new functionality get in contact support@staffcircle.com

We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the future!