We deliver these releases to improve your experience of the functionality and features of StaffCircle. 

Release updates provide you a brief, high level description of new and updated features.  

The highlights for v1.0.14 are:

  • New 360 (internal & external audience)  Reviews 
  • New Appraisal Template Builder
  • New External Customer/Supplier/Partner Feedback
  • New Review Templates, Calendar Invites and Review Summary PDF.
  • Self-Service Reviews
  • News Feed Article Preview
  • News Feed Article Draft auto-save and publish enhancements

Additional Functionality 


360 (internal & external audience)  Reviews 

This gives you the ability to create Reviews which get feedback from several audiences including one or more Customers, one or more Internal Co-workers, the employee (reviewee) and the manager (reviewer) .

Each of the audiences can be asked different questions using the Appraisal Template builder.

Appraisal Template Builder

The Appraisal Template Builder enables you to create any number of Appraisal templates to be used across different types of structured meetings. Examples can be appraisal questions for monthly performance reviews, annual salary reviews, Personal Development Reviews and even 3-month Probation Reviews.

The Appraisal templates can have quantitive (scored) questions and qualitative (text feedback) questions.

Each question can be scored using our pre-built scorings or the customer can create their own custom scorings.

External Customer/Supplier/Partner Templates

This gives you the ability to customise and brand the external communications containing the feedback form for customers to rate the employees.

Above is the admin screen showing you how you can add multiple external and internal reviewers.

Below is an example screen which the external person will see once they click on their email link. This screen is brand-able based on the company's logo and colours.

Review Templates, Calendar Invites and Review PDF.

Additional capability now exits with Review Templates - the ability to create structured meeting templates with automatic assignment of Appraisal questions. Along with this is the automatic calendar invite and Review Summery PDF for managers to print off if they don't want to use a computer during the meeting.

Self-Service Reviews

Depending on the type of review, users can now request reviews with their line manager or other business members such as HR. 


News Feed Article Preview

Automatic article Preview now shows you what articles will look like on the feed whilst in draft mode.

News Feed Article Draft auto-save and publish enhancements

Draft articles now have an automatic save function which will automatically save the article whenever a change is made. Having listed to customer feedback, we have now moved the publish functionality to the bottom of the article builder and created a wizard to guide you through the process of publishing the article. 

In this latest release, we've added functionality which means posting articles is a much simpler process. Should you have the required security privileges, you can now post an article simply by clicking on the "+" Icon on the Article Feed. 

People / HR

End Date for Leavers

Should someone be due to leave the business on a certain day, you can now set an end date on their user profile which will automatically disable the user's access to StaffCircle as well as send an email to their line manager to inform/remind them to carry out the necessary leaver processes. 

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