We deliver these releases to improve your experience of the functionality and features of StaffCircle. 

Release updates provide you a brief, high level description of new and updated features.  

The highlights for v1.1.0 are:

- Audit Log within Person view

- Extended Communication Dashboard with additional statistics

- Reports for People, Secure Data & Payroll

- Reports for Absences

- Reports for Communications

- Feed Item Details tags can now be clicked to perform feed search on the tag

- Extending Work Pattern capabilities

- Extending Absence Types capabilities to allow company sick pay configuration

Additional Functionality


Extended Communications Dashboard with Additional Statistics

This allows you to see communication statistics in comparison to the previous week/ month.

Reports for Communications

Two new reports allow you to see the Top 10 articles between a certain date range, as well as the Top 10 articles by Team.

Feed Item Details tags can now be clicked to perform feed search on the tag

Holidays & Absences

Reports for Absences

Three new reports now allow for deeper reporting of Holidays & Absences. 

"Absence Overview" allows you to see the amount of holidays taken across your various Absence Types and Absence sub types.

"Absence Summary" allows you to see an overview of time taken on a per user basis.

"Holiday Usage" provides you with a similar report to "Absence Summary" but with further information on the user's absence policy, work pattern and company holiday allowance. 

Extended Work Pattern Capabilities

You can now add the "number of hours" worked in a day for work patterns that are defined in hours.

Extended Absence Type Capabilities to allow Company Sick Pay Configuration

If an absence type is selected as unauthorised & paid, you will see a new section on the details page for that absence called "Paid Tenure Conditions". 

This will allow you to configure certain conditions that mean according to an employee's tenure, you can dictate how many days they are listed as "paid" for that certain absence type. This will mean that when you do an absence report you will then see "Yes" under the "Is Paid?" column for the purpose of updating your payroll system.


People & Teams (HR)

Audit Log within Person view

You can now view an individual's StaffCircle activity from the People & Teams module.

Reports for People, Secure Data & Payroll

There is now a reporting section inside of People & Teams that provides you with a wealth of analytic data on your People. These include reports on; "Payroll Overview", "Salary Overview", "New Starters", "Contractual Overview", "Movers, Departments & Roles", "Leavers","Company Logins", "Site Logins" & "Team Logins".