Sometimes, you might be asked to provide feedback on one of your colleagues as part of their review. The area in which you can access the feedback form lives in the "Other Reviews" section.

Should any feedback be due, you will see the name of the person you are being asked to provide feedback on.

If you click on this person's name, you'll be taken to the feedback form. 

For each question, you'll either be asked to select a score or provide a text based answer.

If there are multiple sections, you'll be able to click the button on the bottom right hand side of your screen. Once all mandatory questions have been answered, the button will turn orange, and once clicked you can then select to complete your feedback.

Please be aware that after you have submitted your feedback you will be unable to edit at a later point. All of your answers are auto-saved as you go through the process, so don't worry if something comes up when you're midway through leaving your feedback!