Having added a title and a tag, you'll then have some options that allow you to customise the channel.

Turning this on allows any user who is a member of the channel to add a post.

Turning this on allows users to choose if they wish to subscribe to the channel. Before subscribing, they won't be able to see any content in this channel, nor will they receive any notifications when a post is made.

Turning this on means that any post made by the users will first need to be approved by selected personnel. Once you turn this setting on, you can then add the users who will authorise the posts made on that channel. You can add as many approvers as you like, all whom will receive a notification when a post is made.

Turning this on means that users will be able to assign peer to peer awards to other users that will be automatically posted on this channel.

Turning this on essentially makes the channel "live" and allows end users to see it in the feed.

Uploading an image controls the channel icon that will appear on the feed.

These toggles control which type of notifications a user will receive when a post is made to that channel.

If you don't choose the channel to be a "subscriber channel" you can control who has visibility of the channel by using the channel audience settings. Choose everyone, or select "I'll choose" to select individuals, teams, departments or sites instead.