We deliver these releases to improve your experience of the functionality and features of StaffCircle. 

Release updates provide you a brief, high level description of new and updated features.  

The highlights for v1.5.0 are:

  • New Menu
  • Persona Change Buttons & Enhanced Navigation
  • Objectives Progress Importer

  • Objectives Leader Dashboard

  • Ability to reset user's feedback

Additional Functionality

New Menu

Our new, sleeker menu design has been introduced to improve the aesthetics of the platform as well as provide a greater amount of "real estate" when navigating around the important parts of StaffCircle!

Should you prefer the original menu style however, then fear not, simply press the  button to return to the wide view.

On mobile however, you will continue to see the wide view as normal.

Persona Change Buttons & Enhanced Navigation

Following feedback from our customers, we have changed the way in which you navigate around the platform according to which persona you are acting in - Myself, Manage & Admin.

The way this will work is for example, in the Holidays and Absence module, "Myself" will show your own time off, "Manage" will show your Team's Time Off and the Settings Button will show configuration elements such as Absence Policies, Working Patterns & Company Holidays.

When Switching between "Myself" & "Manage", you can either navigate to the intended module and then toggle your persona, or you can toggle the persona beforehand and navigate the various modules that are on your menu.

Below is a video to explain this in a little more detail!

Objectives Progress Importer

For customers using Objectives, you can now make bulk updates to your objective scores by using the Objectives Progress Importer. This allows you to either make bulk updates from an Excel spreadsheet, or even have updates made directly from another system that can export spreadsheet to an email address.

For more information on how to configure this, speak to your Account Manager who will be happy to help!

Objectives Leader Dashboard

You can now set-up a leader dashboard to visually display your top performers.

The dashboards are fully configurable, so you can set them up just how you like! You can even attribute points to your Objectives scores, so for example, 100 Calls can be displayed as 1 point.

For help in setting up your leader dashboard, please speak to your Customer Success Manager!

Ability to Reset User's Feedback

As part of a performance review, should you not be satisfied by the feedback that has been provided by any party as part of an appraisal, you can now press the  button to send the feedback in to a draft state so that the individual can make any necessary changes.