This is the screen where you can add or edit content and settings for an Article.

Main Details

Title - This will appear across the Image. Make sure it is snappy and captures attention. 

Topic - Content is searchable within the feed so ensure to use a tag #hints

Image - Images help for engagement, make sure they are eye catching. Gifs can even be used to add movement to the home screen. For sizes check out this article

Summary - You can choose to include a summary. If one is added it will display just under the article in the feed and also appear on the email notification.


Full feature editor allows you to change the font, format and add images and videos as well as external URL links. You can also mention people, teams, departments or sites within the article by entering an @ you will see a popup appear where you can select one or more items. If you do select then you will see they will appear in the Mentions box below the main content.


Attaching a document from the document library to be shared could not be easier, simply press 'Select a Document' and navigate to your desired folder Documents Folder


Settings section is where you can set the Priority of the message and also Pin the article for a certain number of hours. Pinning the article will make it stay at the top of the feed for the set duration to ensure maximum visibility.

There are a number of other on/off toggle settings controlling the article, for example if people are allowed to Comment against the article and whether they are allowed Likes on the article. There is also a toggle which is turned on by Default that chooses whether you want to post the article to the main feed. If you turn this toggle off, you can then choose to post the article to one of your additional feeds and then select the channel you wish the article to be posted in.

Who will get the Article?

From an alert perspective, there are settings to allow an InApp/Push Notification, a SMS notification and an Email notification. If these are switched on, each recipient will receive a notification about the article even if they don't have an App Installed. The notification is formatted as per the relevant message Template.

You can select between Everyone (the whole organisation) or I'll Choose which allows you to select Teams, Individuals, Departments or Sites (locations) which will appear when you type the @.

Publish Article

To publish an article, simply click on the button on the bottom of the article form. You'll then either be given the option to publish the article or to the article to be posted at a later time or date. Should you have the necessary permissions, you'll then be asked if you'd like to publish the article as yourself or on behalf of another StaffCircle user.

'Display As' and Tasks

A task can be sent to all recipients of an article if the 'Display As' drop down is set to Task. 

When this is selected 3 additional Boxes will appear:

Task Group - This will determine the Task Group that the Task should be grouped under and appear in the User Menu.

Worksheet - This will determine which Worksheet needs to be completed by the recipients of the article.

Default Approver - This will determine the person that should be notified when the tasks are complete.

For more help on tasks visit the Task & Worksheet are in out knowledge base

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