Documents are utilised across the platform. Whether an important policy that needs to be circulated as part of a communication, an SOP to be included in an objective or perhaps product specification that is important for a whole team. 

It is easy to add a document to a Personal or Company Folder 

Simply go in to the Folder you wish to add a file, click on the 3 dots and click "Add File":

You'll then be able to click "Select Files" and upload your chosen files:

And just as easy to add a folder:

Simply click the 3 dots and Click "Add Folder":

An inbound email address can be created for a folder. Any attachments emailed to this address will be placed in the folder automatically

Emails have to be sent from an authorised user or device (eg: printer/scanner).

Documents that are stored in the Company Folder are available to everyone as a default. However if you wish to to control who has access to the document simply press  next to the document or file and select  toggle the access off from everyone and pick the Security Group that you would like to have access.