We deliver these releases to improve your experience of the functionality and features of StaffCircle. 

Release updates provide you a brief, high level description of new and updated features which have been released specifically to help Organisations remotely manage their employees.

The highlights for v1.81. are:

  • New Today Screen for Managers
  • New Status Filter for easy management of users including furloughed workers and contractors
  • New 2-way Real-time messaging using email, sms and push notifications 
  • Updated Critical Alerts Notification Bar to send quick alerts to employees and ensure receipt

New Today Screen for Managers

Our new Today Screen for Managers and Leaders combines all the powerful elements of the StaffCircle platform into a single screen which is updated in real-time. Now you can manage your entire workforce virtually from a single screen.

Using the configurable screen components, managers can see realtime communications from employees over SMS and email as well as see updates and give comments to objectives, one2one reviews, appraisals, team feedback, recognition and awards which are then linked to Company values.  

We have released separate and movable Today Screen components for: Objectives, Alerts, Messages, Feedback, Reviews, Time Off, Awards, Who's Celebrating and Article Comments with many more to follow.

New Status filter for easy management and communications with various types of employees and contractors

We have now released an easy way for companies to manage and communicate with people who are home based, furloughed employees as well as contractors. Now it is simple to customise your communications for your distributed teams and measure engagement across your various cohorts.

New 2-way messaging using SMS, Email and Push

Now more than ever it is important to be able to communicate and get feedback from your home-based, front-line or furloughed workers. We have now introduced a real-time multi-channel communication system to enable companies to "talk" to employees via email, sms and in app. When employees respond to text messages or emails, those conversations are logged under the employees profile and managers are alerted to new responses.

Updated Critical Alert function

In these uncertain times it is important to be able to send alert urgent notifications to your workforce and log their receipt and responses automatically. Our updated critical alerts function ensures that important notifications are delivered and read by the intended recipient, via a large Red in app banner, SMS/Text message and email to ensure receipt. These are 2-way enabled and any responses will be routed back into StaffCircle, logged under the sender's account and the manager will be notified of the response.