This is the area where all the alerts are listed and categorised. In this section you can create new alerts or edit.

Alerts are different to articles. They are designed to be short, immediate notices. 

NB. Notifications of the alert can be directed however the actual Alert will display on all users Communications feed.

Use the filter to find a specific alert 

Get a snapshot on the status of the alerts, select to filter by status

When creating an alert notifications can be set. Each icon that is displayed demonstrate how notifications were sent and the status of those notifications. To view the status simply hover over the icon.  

In App notification - On the platform

 Email notification

  Push notification - On the device

 SMS notification

To edit an alert select to delete select

Alerts Detail

To view the details of an alert just press the alert to view. 

From the detailed view select to

To see how to add an Alert Watch this video