The communications feed are where all of the Article and Alerts that are directed to you or teams/departments/sites that you are part of are displayed. 

Below the Articles header text there is a horizontal scroll bar which shows you all the categories of articles you can view. There is a small magnifier which will allow you to search for an article by entering text

  • Everything (all items) ,
  • Direct (items sent to you or ones that mention you),
  • Department (eg: sales, exec, finance, warehouse)
  • Site (your primary office or location)
  • Team (any team, project or group you are a member of)

You can scroll across these items with your thumb (or click the if you are on a PC browser) and it will remember the last section you were in the next time you open the App.

To read an article simply sect it to open the view. Look out for these buttons  if enabled you can comment, like and even add attachments to the articles that you are reading.