This is the screen that you can add new objectives, allocate the rating and assign them to employees.


Name, describe, categorise and date your objectives here. 

Allocate an objective to either a person, department or to the whole company using the Type drop down. Find out more about Objectives Linking here

Category - There are 3 categories to chose from. An objective can either be: 

  1. Performance objective 
  2. Development Objective 
  3. Cultural Objective  

Documents Attached to this Objective

Add any relevant documents to the objective from the system database. If you do not see the document here follow this link on how to add a document. 

Rating & Target

Select the from the Ratings that you have created. Don't see the rating you need in the list, follow this link on how to add a rating.

Add the target to the objective. This will enable progress updates to be turned on. 

Objective Settings

Use the toggle switches  to set if you want to allow Progress Changes to be included, like, comments, images in comments and/or documents. 

Notification Settings

Set how the person assigned to the objective receives notification about the objective using the toggles