This is and area where all reviews you have access to are listed. 

Here you can search for a review using the 3 Filters

You can choose to include or exclude completed reviews by clicking the  button.

To reset any filters that you have used just press

To the left of the objective name, demonstrates if the review has an appraisal attached.  demonstrates if the review is overdue.

In the "Feedback Status" column, you will see icons that indicate the individuals that make up the feedback personnel. 



Internal (Peer):

External (A person who isn't in your organisation):

Whether the icon is red or green dictates whether or not that individual has completed their feedback or not. For example, here we can see that only the peer has completed their feedback and that the other 3 individuals are yet to do so

To edit the review select , to delete the review select

Follow this "how to" for more info on creating and managing a review.