This is the screen that you can add new ratings, ratings are the scoring mechanism that once set up can be applied to objectives to allow progress updates. 


Create a clear Title for the particular Rating. This is what will be shown on the drop down when adding to an objective.

Add more detail in to the description that if another person views this information they know exactly what the rating is and how it is applied. 

Value Type can be selected as one of the following:

  • Amount – This should only be used if integrating results from another platform. 
  • Percentage - %
  • Score – Round number
  • Revenue - Financial figure
  • Boolean – Yes/no


Press  to determine the threshold of your scores for this particular rating. 

Title - Is the primary text to describe the threshold

Description - Is the additional text to go with the threshold

Threshold - Is the milestone that you would like to highlight on the scoring system.

You can add as many thresholds as you like to the rating. 

To delete a score just press