This area is a directory of all of the people in the system. To find an individual you can filter by Name, Skill, Team, Department and/or Role. 

To reset the filter at any time press . To view de-activated People press

A company wide Org Chart can be viewed pressing  NB. Not available on Mobile view. 

Icons demonstrate the activation status of the user:

  •  user activated
  •  activation code sent, waiting for user to activate
  •  activation code not sent
  •  user deactivated

To see how to activate a user, watch this video

Actions in the list view are:

  • delete a person (use with care!)
  •  update personal information
  •  reset a password
  •  view membership to Teams
  •  view Skills

To view the Profile click on the Name to open the Profile screen. 

To add one person press  to add multiple people press

Need a list of people? Press  and select the profiles to export. 

Need to reset a password? Watch this video to see how