This area is a directory of all of the people in the system which you manage. Depending on your security settings, you may be able to view all StaffCircle users.

Smart filters allow you to view groups of users based off certain parameters. Just click on the filter to show these users.

Further filters are available to allow you to search for users using bespoke parameters.

You can then click on a user to view their user profile.

To reset the filter at any time press . To view de-activated People press

A company wide Org Chart can be viewed pressing  NB. Not available on Mobile view.

Icons demonstrate the activation status of the user:

  •  user activated
  •  activation code sent, waiting for user to activate
  •  activation code not sent
  •  user deactivated

To see how to activate a user, watch this video

Actions in the list view are:

  • delete a person (use with care!)
  •  update personal information
  •  reset a password
  •  view membership to Teams
  •  view Skills

To view the Profile click on the Name to open the Profile screen. 

To add one person press to add multiple people via a csv press

Need a list of people? Press  and select the profiles to export.

Need to reset a password? Watch this video to see how