To add a new User simply press  and fill out the form with as much detail as possible. 

NB. Date of Birth must be entered as it forms part of the security to activate an account. 


Not everyone has an email address that is why our Username can either be set at the Email or Mobile number.

The email address will be used as default. If the mobile number is preferred then toggle  'Use Mobile for Secure Comms' 

Please note. The registration communication will be sent to the Username. Meaning if the Username is the Email and a link will be sent to the user email to follow the process. If the 'Use Mobile for Secure Comms' toggle is enabled the activation code will be sent via SMS. 

NB. Which ever is enabled will be the Username to access the system moving forward. 

@Alias is the tag used for targeting the user in Alerts and Articles. This tag should be unique to the person. 

Security Group should be selected based on what the User is able access and do on the system. 

Don't forget to press  when you are done.