Create the basis of the reward here. Add a Title and Description, include the budgeted amount available should the Reward be achieved. 

Determine if the budgeted amount should be Shared (Amount/People Eligible for the reward) or Individual (budgeted amount is achievable to each person eligible for the reward)

A manager can be assigned who will be responsible for signing off the Reward. Should further approval  be  be required simply use the toggle switch and add the relevant Approver.

Add the dates that the Reward is available from and to. These Applicable from and to date determin the period of time that Award points, Missdemanours will be collected along with the Tenure and Salary of the individual. 

Review Settings provide even more flexibility. Here you can determine the date range along with what type of review that you would like to calculate the reward from. 

Scores that are given to a review in the Reward Group can then either become a running total or an average. 

Once saved go to the detailed view of the Reward by selecting the Reward from the list view to add People and Reward Groups.