Security Groups create the basis for how and what the user will view and interact with in the platform. 

Security Groups are completely customisable. We recommend having a small amount in order to be able to administer access easily. 

Find a Security Group

Use the Filter to search for Groups. Press the name to view the details of who is part of the security group and what access they have been granted. To edit the name of the group press  and   to delete if the group is no longer required.

Add Security Group 

To Add a new Security Group press . From here Names the group and a clear Description. Create a simple @tag for future communications with the Security Group and assign an Admin. 

Manage Security Group   

Open up the details of the Security Group to toggle access to the modules and manage which users are in which group. 

You will see a list of Security Group Modules and  the toggle switches that control the level of access to each module in the platform. You can choose which areas are available to the user and to what extent. To understand more about the particular groups click here.

Blue toggle switches indicates that an area is active. These can be turn on and off as you see fit. 

In a similar way add or remove users from the Security Group 

Press  and use the toggle switches  to permit or deny access.

Need to export a list of the users allocated to the group? No problem, simply press  to download in an excel file.